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lesiones accidentes tráfico

Traffic Injuries

Gran Alacant Clinic HLA offers you the new service, aimed at all people who have suffered a traffic accident, whether in a vehicle, as a cyclist or pedestrian.

Get to know our new service, always ready to attend to any traffic accident with the best professionals, as we have a complete agreement with the Insurance Business Association (U.N.E.S.P.A.).

If you have suffered a traffic accident, don’t worry; we can help you with everything you need. At Gran Alacant Clinic HLA we will attend to you completely free of charge and we will take care of everything that derives from your care with the insurance, so that you only have to think about the most important thing, your recovery.

Assistance following a road traffic accident

Everyone who has been injured in a road traffic accident has the right to receive quality healthcare and the freedom to choose the centre of their choice.

The most important thing is to receive quality care for a speedy recovery from the injuries sustained. For this reason, medical assistance must be fast and effective. Our recommendation after a collision is that you go to the emergency room as soon as possible so that a doctor can make an assessment and start your rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible. This is very important because, even if you do not suffer any apparent injuries, they may appear days or weeks later.

At Clínica Gran Alacant we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide health care to patients injured in traffic accidents until their full recovery, which includes:

  1. Diagnostic tests.
  2. Consultation with specialist doctors, such as traumatologists, who will carry out complete medical examinations to assess possible injuries.
  3. Personalised rehabilitation treatments with our team of physiotherapists.
  4. Detailed discharge reports, useful for the correct processing of claims.
  5. Processing with the insurance companies. We take care of all the documentation with the insurance companies, so that you only have to worry about recovering as soon as possible.

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