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Podology Santa Pola

Noelia Guadalcázar Seguí

Are you looking for a podiatrist in Gran Alacant or Santa Pola?

In Gran Alacant Clinic we have several specialized services. For those patients who require a podiatrist in Santa Pola, a specialist focused on the health of the feet, we have a modern unit of podology.

Your podiatrist in Santa Pola

The care of the feet can be compared to that of the teeth: the common and main problem is that they are hardly paid attention to, except when a real problem or physical pain arises. You can call our clinic for the detection, treatment and prevention of podiatric conditions by performing clinical services, with attention from children to the elderly.

Our podiatry service includes all types of outpatient podiatry treatments. In Gran Alacant Clinic we have the most advanced technology covering all the needs of diagnosis and treatment of the foot.

Our medical center in Gran Alacant, Santa Pola, is located in a street level location. The accessibility is agile and spacious, since we do not have any architectural barriers when receiving patients with reduced mobility.

Podiatry Services in Santa Pola

Some pathologies treated: Flatfoot, cavus foot, valgus foot, varus foot, equine foot, thalus foot, diabetic foot, arthritic foot, traumatic foot, dysmetries, calcaneal spurs, plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, sever’s disease, sportsman’s foot, freiberg disease, claw toes, hammer toes, hallux valgus, total and partial amputations.

Ortho-podology. Previous: Walking Biomechanics: Study through observation, functional clinical tests, and with the support of complementary tests as well as static pressure platforms, of the normal and pathological walking patterns; the static distribution of the pressures that the foot receives, and how this affects the rest of the body. The podiatrist, after a complete biomechanical exploration, can make plantar supports or thermo-conformed insoles totally personalized to measure using various techniques and materials to respond to the different pathomechanical situations that arise.

Chiro-podology. It includes the treatment of dermatological affections or affections of the skin: Corns, bunions, papillomas, nails, fungi, bromhidrosis (bad smell), Hyperhidrosis (excess of sweating), ablations of nails, rehabilitation of nailsonicocryptosis, onicomycosis, superficial infections…

Preventive chiropody. It allows the promulgation of guidelines of global and specific use, directed to each sector of the population susceptible to appear physical alterations (mainly related to the foot and chiropodology). This includes education on footwear, preventive habits…

Pediatric Podiatry. Specialized in the child’s foot and its most common conditions. (Children’s insoles)

Sports chiropody. Specialized in the sportsman’s gesture and his most common conditions. (Sporting insoles)

Geriatric podiatry. Specialized in the foot of the elderly.

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