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Facial aesthetic medicine in Gran Alacant

Clínica Gran Alacant offers aesthetic medicine services in the area of Gran Alacant and Santa Pola. We perform facial treatments such as botox, hyaluronic acid, lip fillers or tensor threads.

Botox Gran Alacant - Santa Pola


The facial rejuvenation treatment par excellence, the aesthetic medicine procedure by botox or botulinum toxin, is the most requested by both men and women, as the result is usually the most natural.

In Clinica Gran Alacant we do aesthetic-facial treatments by botox, a type of microinjections in very specific points of the face, which prevent the visualization of wrinkles. Previously we carry out a study of your facial characteristics and expressions so as not to alter the naturalness of the face, achieving a rejuvenated appearance and a smoother skin.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid treatment is another of the main treatments of our facial aesthetic medicine unit. By means of tiny infiltrations of dermal filler, we manage to conceal skin or lip aging.

The materials used are totally compatible with our body and imperceptible to the touch. A reabsorbable and non-permanent filler that generates a natural result. In addition to its easy application, since it is not necessary to undergo surgery to correct wrinkles, the so-called bar codes or the nasolabial fold.

ácido hialuronico
Relleno de labios

Lip filler

Non-invasive technique where we inject hyaluronic acid into the lips, with the purpose of hydration of the internal tissue, definition and volumization, eliminating imperfections.

Through invisible micropunctures, we seek to give volume and relief to the lip area in a natural way, to offer the appearance of a fuller and more youthful lip. The sessions are usually short, less than an hour, and it is a painless treatment.

Tensile threads

Also known as magic threads, the tensor threads are one of the latest and most innovative techniques. We offer a redefinition of the facial structure in general, to recover volume and subtract wrinkles in general, through the implantation of a network of micro threads of Polidoxanone (PDO), which form a kind of mesh that acts as a support for the tissues.

With the polidoxanone under our skin, a lifting effect is achieved, where flaccidity decreases and the firmness of the face is recovered.

hilos tensores


Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite, a component found naturally in our body. It works by recovering the volume in some areas, lost by age. It is a dermal filler that can be used to treat the mandibular arch, cheekbones, cheeks, chin area, nasolabial folds…

This dermal filler attenuates wrinkles and folds providing immediate volume and stimulating the production of natural collagen. The skin is revitalized and an immediate visible lifting is achieved. It is completely reabsorbed and its effects are visible in the long term. In addition, thanks to its viscosity, Radiesse does not migrate and maintains the natural expression of the face.

Facial PRP

One of the best known facial treatments in aesthetic medicine is facial prp or platelet-rich plasma. It is a technique that achieves the stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin using the patient’s own blood. Its main use is to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin of the face, décolleté, neck and other parts of the body, such as rejuvenating the appearance of the hands and treat skin lesions such as marks caused by acne and also for the removal of scars and stretch marks.

Facial PRP can be used preventively for young skin and regeneratively for more mature skin. Its most outstanding benefits are: it improves the quality of the dermis, a more luminous and hydrated skin is achieved, flaccidity is reduced, wrinkles are reduced and microcirculation is activated.

PRP facial
PRP Capilar

Capillary PRP

The platelet-rich plasma used in hair treatments is a technique that improves alopecia, especially the androgen type, favoring blood circulation and regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue in which the hair follicle grows.

The plasma is administered by mesotherapy on the scalp through small infiltrations, the results can be evident from the second session, after the sessions we can go on with our life as normal since no sign of the treatment can be seen.

The treatment naturally enhances the growth capacity of the tissues, without the possibility of rejection.

Capillary Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a technique that is applied with good results for hair problems, hair loss in particular, is used to improve the condition of the hair and is ideal for early signs of baldness, which have a weakened hair and is losing strength.

The efficacy of mesotherapy consists of applying substances and medications injected intradermally. The results will depend on the pathology to be treated, so it will always be more effective in acute problems or in initial stages.

Hair mesotherapy can be combined with other treatments to obtain optimal results. A good diagnosis is very important to obtain a good result.

Mesoterapia capilar
Tratamiento despigmentante

Mediderma depigmenting facial treatment

Spots are pigmentation alterations caused by the excessive accumulation of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin, hair and eyes, in a specific area of the skin. There are different causes of spots; sun exposure, aging, pregnancy and some medications trigger an abnormality in the melanocyte, the cell that produces melanin, causing an irregular, dull and dull tone.

A depigmentation treatment is a procedure used to lighten the skin and eliminate these spots. We can obtain very satisfactory results, and in all skin types.

Dark circles

The treatment for the rejuvenation of the look, is achieved with the filling of hyaluronic acid in the area of the eye circles and consists of infiltrations of this substance in the eye area, filling this indentation. In this way the skin acquires a greater thickness and a more balanced tone eliminating that image of tiredness.

It is a painless procedure since Hyaluronic Acid contains analgesic properties.

Tratamiento ojeras
Tratamiento Dermapen


Dermapen is known as a mesotherapy, because it helps to penetrate the active ingredients and substances used within the first layers of the skin obtaining an optimal and effective complete treatment.

Dermapen is an instrument that thanks to its micro needles generates micro-pores in this way, the active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals…) accelerate the cell metabolism.

Dermapen is a rejuvenation technique used to treat wrinkles, stretch marks, expression lines, marks and acne scars. It helps to restore hydration, firmness and luminosity of the skin.

Plasma Pen Fibroplast

The Plama Pen is a technique of aesthetic medicine that is performed with a safe and effective device to non-surgically treat excess skin and wrinkles. With this device the emission of plasma is performed in small points on the area to be treated giving as an effect the tightening of the skin as well as promotes the production and natural regeneration of collagen and elastin, finally the skin will look smoother and younger.

Eyelid lifting (upper and lower), reduction and elimination of wrinkles, lifting of the facial oval and neck, abdominal flaccidity, stretch marks… The Plama Pen has countless benefits such as rapid healing. It is painless, can be combined with other facial treatments, does not leave bruises and has visible results from the first session.

Plasma Pen Fibroplast
Mesoterapia facial

Facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy is the medical treatment performed by infiltration of hyaluronic acid cocktails with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids or peptides among many others, it achieves a global revitalization of the face, which as a result provides immediate hydration, luminosity and tightening from the first session.

Facial mesotherapy is a treatment that by itself gets very good results, but enhances its results when you combine it with other treatments such as peeling.

Chemical peeling

It is an aesthetic medical treatment for the rejuvenation of the skin in order to remove the damaged upper layers. At the end of the peeling the skin layers revealed are newer therefore smoother and younger, giving a more rejuvenated appearance to the skin.
The treatment can be performed at different depths (mild, medium or deep) depending on the desired results. Deep chemical peels have better results although they have a longer recovery time.

Peeling químico

Smooth Chemical peeling

Treatment that can be performed once a week and serves to remove the outer layer of the skin. Recommended on skin with acne or wrinkles.

Middle Chemical Peeling

Advisable treatment for scars and wrinkles. It also works by removing dead cells from the epidermis. It is usually done every 6 or 9 months.

Deep Chemical Peeling

Treatment that reaches the innermost layers of the skin, recommended for skin with deep wrinkles. It usually has a longer recovery period.

Lipolisis de papada

Double chin lipolysis

Jowl lipolysis is an effective minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat located in the jowl.

The procedure consists of small injections in the area administering a cytolytic drug to destroy the fat cells in the area without the need to enter the operating room.

Since each patient’s jowls profile is different, 1 to 5 sessions may be needed. Our medical team will make an assessment to obtain the best results. The duration of the sessions usually lasts about 20 minutes.

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