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In Clínica Gran Alacant we seek perfection when treating your health problems. For this, the general medicine services have expert professionals who will evaluate your situation from a global perspective, in a close way and with the comfort and tranquility offered by our health center at Resort of Gran Alacant.

Dr. Julio Armas also offers the pediatric ward, providing the best possible care to not neglect the health of the little ones. For us, your health is very important and, therefore, in our health center you can complement your study with analytical services, cardiology, dietary nutrition and nursing, always available.

Julio Armas - Gran Alacant

Julio Armas

We are aware of our social environment. We know, both for the elderly and for families with children, what it means to have a family doctor in Gran Alacant and Santa Pola. For this reason, in addition to our 24-hour emergency assistance service, we have up to 4 general practitioners on our staff, capable of resolving or diagnosing the vast majority of common health problems.

The values of the family doctor

The family doctor, like all professions, has well-defined values, which can be grouped into 5 commitments: to people, to society in general, to the constant evolution of his profession, to the medical specialty that defines him and to personal ethics.


The nursing area is in charge of managing patient and family care with the highest quality in the center, with protocols based on the available scientific evidence and respecting the principles of universality, equity and accessibility.


As a health center we try to provide quality care to our patients, as well as prevention, promotion and treatment of generic pathologies in our community.

Lisa Lázzaro

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

We treat and guide the patient in their recovery process when the injuries are already established, until their complete rehabilitation and total adaptation to their daily life. From our center we offer a complete assessment in physiotherapy to approach the patient according to the best treatment that suits your injury or pathology.


From the area of traumatology in Clinica Gran Alacant, we try to provide our patients a close treatment and the best service. The specialty includes prevention, clinical assessment, surgical and non-surgical treatment, as well as follow-up until the patient’s recovery with connection between our traumatologist and the center’s physiotherapist.

Laura Martínez Gil

Dra. Natalia Ovcharenko


To you, woman, we try to offer the best gynecological care. Our gynecologist will not only answer your routine questions, but will perform regular gynecological check-ups, paying special attention to the prevention of breast, cervical, uterine corpus, endometrial and ovarian cancer. Our mission is to prevent diseases of the female reproductive system, as well as to provide medical and surgical treatment aimed at their cure.


Proper dental care is vital to avoid important oral discomforts, such as cavities or gingivitis, as well as aesthetic problems derived from broken or deformed teeth.

To stay on top of the circumstances, in addition to an incredible group of dentists, we have two rooms perfectly equipped and necessary to take care of oral health.

Noelia Castillo Pardo

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