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Julio Armas - Gran Alacant

Julio Armas

Are you looking for a family doctor in Gran Alacant or Santa Pola?

The importance of the family doctor

One of the most important roles of the family physician is to care for the individual in the context of the family and the family in the context of the community of which he or she is a part, regardless of race, religion, culture or social class.

The family doctor is clinically competent to provide most of the care the individual needs, after considering the individual’s cultural, socioeconomic and psychological situation. Ultimately, he or she is personally responsible for providing comprehensive and continuous care to his or her patients.

Family doctor in Santa Pola and Gran Alacant

From Clinica Gran Alacant we attend to the need for a family doctor in Santa Pola and the Gran Alacant area, through a medical team led by Dr. Julio Armas Castro, qualified as a Medical Specialist in Family and Community Medicine.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of the most common health problems in our society, with personalized care based on the needs of the patient and his family.

As a health center we try to provide quality care to our patients, as well as the prevention, promotion and treatment of prevalent pathologies in our community. We collaborate with other specialists and participate in the design of a person-centered health and wellness project.

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